Comic 102 - Ned Explains Things
Sunday, the 15th of November at 12:09 AM, 2015
Ned Explains Things
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
OK, I know this isn't perfect and I don't plan on the comic looking like this exact thing forever. I'm just really tired right now and it's late in the week on a Saturday. Right now this really is the best I can do.

Damn it, Ned. Stop being so uglyishly inconsistent!

Update: I fixed the last panel. It also seemed that I had to fix the second to last panel, in addition to the shitty poster tearing illustration. It should look way better now.
Hindbodes edit delete
Alright, I had to edit this thing again. Ned's thumb appeared on the wrong side.

You know, I'm getting really tired of it. I do believe that Crack Putty is a good comic, but I'm also painfully aware of how bad I am at drawing proper humans, and how I end up mangling their limbs and making their faces change. Every second I look at Ned I get more and more frustrated with how ugly and wrong he looks.

I can't make a new comic on this level of skill. I have to improve my anatomy and human appearances before Minecraft Fans comes out.
User comments:
MadJak91 edit delete reply
Yes! So many ant comics!
Whoo hoo :D

I actually read through all of FE shortly after starting this :D
Hindbodes edit delete reply
Lots of ant comics, yeah?
Ohhh, looking forward to ants and a story comic!

And congrats! Getting 100 comics /twice/ wow!:D