Comic 104 - A Joke About Link and a Vase
Friday, the 27th of November at 7:58 PM, 2015
A Joke About Link and a Vase
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
I didn't get burned out enough to be unwilling to finish this today. It's another videogame comic. Enjoy!

(Oh yeah, I simplified a few things and screwed up the colour on purpose because this is very much based on an antique videogame with few points of detail per sprite... I think. The first Zelda game with pots in it has got to be old, right?)
User comments:
Bwahaha, that triumphant look :D
Hindbodes edit delete reply
Yeah, I was hoping for the best in that. It doesn't look quite how I was trying to imagine it, but I had to rely on it to bring the comic together. [: