Crack Putty

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Webcomic Insertion Day #2
Webcomic Insertion Day #2
Sunday, the 20th of December at 9:37 AM, 2015
Author Notes:
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This is comic 111. Due to a typographic error in the comic file names, I almost didn't realize it.

I nearly decided to make this 112, but then I realized that I'm already under a lot of stress and deadlines to get things done, so I should skip the other discount putty strip, and schedule this for the 20th day of December without making a comic on Thurs or Friday.

The time of this writing is Wednesday the 16th. I still need to start working on the three part arc for Christmas 2015.

-back to the present-
Hey David. This is a webcomic insertion day, but every December 20th is also one of your birthdays! Happy birthday, you putty fut.

This is a tradition for Crack Putty, that can happen on the twentieth day of any month. It consists of having a strip take on the appearance of another artist's webcomic and changing the dialogue and jokes. The name will usually be missing, but you can mouse over the image to see the alt text, which will contain the name.