Comic 119 - Ants Talking About Anime
Monday, the 18th of January at 7:16 PM, 2016
Ants Talking About Anime
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Alright, hold on a minute. Something is very suspect about this entire fucking layout right here.

I've been getting a lot of dejavu lately, and none of them have been quite as well understood and under control as this one, which happened right as I was gazing at the panels of this finished image. I think I somehow dreamed about the future of Crack Putty, saw panel 12 in the dream in a still image, and then got some kind of warning from the staff members of ComicFury, all in the same dream.

Anyway, as you can see the arc is progressing a bit. There are still quite a few things about the lore of the sentient ant society that I'd like to explain, but for this week I might just make comedy instead.
I want everything important to be explained inside the comics, but right now I want to explain that dirtgas is a simple extraction of nitrous oxide from the soil. It can make things high.
User comments:
Wow! Ant sized TVs! And they use it to watch DBZ? Huh.:D
Well if you recall from strip 100, ant sized televisions are rather good for viewing anime on.
I used to watch a very crappy Polish dub of DBZ as a kid.
Ants don't get very good exports.