Comic 121 - Ants Branded From Above
Friday, the 29th of January at 11:49 PM, 2016
Ants Branded From Above
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
OK, this is out at last. I wanted there to be more comics this week, and I don't think there can be, but I'm also feeling really bad still. If you want to know how bad it is right now, consider this: I'm not sober.

Ant story is developing a bit and I plan to do my best to prevent plot holes.
User comments:
That is a really hip moth. With a camera and all. Heh :D

Get well. Hug :<
It is my first depiction of a Puriri Moth. I've been trying to go for accuracy a bit, and make sure everything is a real creature from New Zealand. I may or may not have failed this particular recreation.
Ohhhh dear...

Aw, feel better!
That's a rather strange abbreviation... It almost looks like you were making a command.

Which would almost be appropriate at this point.

I don't seem to be mentally dying right now, so I guess that counts.