Comic 122 - Ants Getting Darker
Thursday, the 4th of February at 2:19 PM, 2016
Ants Getting Darker
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hey guys. Things aren't going so good. First, I've discovered that if I don't "fix" my graphics tablet somehow, it will be beyond usable whenever I try to make a comic with it. It's impossible to draw anything with it right now. Everything here is mouse drawn.
Also, this is the last comic before the end of today; this being the day that TPPA will most likely be signed. That piece of legislation is horrible for many reasons, but most relevantly it might have a crackdown effect on my comic if I so much as mention a copyrighted work by somebody else. So I'm going to hope today's protests stop it from going through.

Anyway, here's a cool comic with a cool sunset and hopefully tomorrow is cool enough that it will have an ant comic as well.
User comments:
Aw yeah, the sunset is beautiful!

Oh gosh...I'm sorry to hear about your tablet! I hope everything works out!
A-and TPPA... It scares me, too.
Thanks Seabs. I plan on fixing it sometime after the next comic. I was so pissed when I realized that the tablet had given up on quality...

Yeah, uh, about the TPPA thing. Police were being a bit riot-stoppyous, and they decided that at least one protester deserved to be choked. So there's that bullshit.
I'm glad that you're aware of the issue. I referred to it in comic 13 of this very series back in 2014.