Comic 124 - Antcraft
Wednesday, the 10th of February at 12:08 PM, 2016
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
124 comics. How a motherfucking bout that? Add that to Fatal Expression and you get a total of 224. Unfortunately it's still rather hard to feel impressed with myself.

Two days before now I joined a new Minecraft server. Minecraftfury's not going up and Diamond Craft was a gigantic failure, so now I've found some asylum in a private SMP called Undermine. Hopefully I can get a fun project on the way with other players involved pretty soon.

Now, about the graphics tablet. This strip is all, unfortunately, very much a mouse drawn creation. I plan on bringing out the graphics tablet out again sometime later this week, and even if I can't fix it, I'm going to make a second comic anyway. Before we got back to Chitibus and Furgo I wanted to draw these two weirdos in a "simple" comic. I usually give those tasks to myself when I don't have enough strength to make another kind of comic.
User comments:
Hah! Wow. I guess it is similar. Somehow thinking of this though makes me sad that Ant sim game got cancelled.
Still looks great done with a mouse! I hope you can manage to fix it.D: What is the problem exactly? M-maybe it's just some drivers issues? That does happen... ;~;

(It's a shame both CF minecraft servers died off, and so fast... Maybe 1.9 will bring one back)
Hey uh, you saw the broken version of this comic. I had to fix the torch on the wall and the Ant Continuer just now.
Wow Seabiscuit. Thanks to your comment I stumbled upon THIS masterpiece. That was a gem.
Can't find the one you were talking about though.
I believe we're thinking of the same game here, now. RIP.:(
By the end of 2020 or sooner, both Minecraft and ants will return in a very Hindbodes way. In that order. I've seen so much of Minecraft now... I don't think I need the game anymore. I think what I need now is comics based on it, and my own creativity. With that, I can strive for Minecraft being positive memories again.

Especially when Lives of Mining is on the shelf and I'm working on Minecraft Fans! Holy shit, freaking Minecraft Fans... I just know deep down that a correctly executed version of it will be a comic to be proud of.
/summon Madjak
Sorry, just busy these days and life stuff >_<

EXACTLY! Half way down the page I had the same thought and then the ants figured it out :D
Cool :D
This comic must look a lot different to you now, now that you've seen Minecraft close to first-hand.

As usual I'm being slowed by my own self-imposed red tape, but I've managed to unwind a lot of it and soon I will have the software necessary to draw comics the way Crack Putty was again. I'm anticipating a short "season" of Lives of Mining in early 2020, followed not long after by more Crack Putty, containing the return to the much-anticipated and long-planned Ant Sagas. The itch to get those stories told is great and compelling again.
Ya. That Alpha is actually much more expansive than one might think! But I still do not know your opinion on A Bug's Life ;)

I recently had to present stuff about the ant colony optimization algorithm on one event so these buggers always find their way to you in one form or the other, haha.
Ant Sagas where monstrous mutated ants devour the living camper, LMAO!