Comic 126 - Anty's First Anime
Wednesday, the 2nd of March at 11:54 PM, 2016
Anty's First Anime
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
So that's it. The mental health explanation was deleted, and now part nine of what I actually wanted to post is finally up.

You know, I'm sure I put lots of effort and time into this, but it somehow feels like I haven't done any difficult work today. I suppose that should be a good thing, but it feels too weird. I'd also like to expect that it has nothing to do with the giant fucking break I took last month, and that the not-so-bad-in-retrospect feeling continues to happen but with much more positive feeling in it.

Now, unfortunately, this is the sixth week of the seven weeks of ant comics that I promised. Meaning that, technically, I should be wrapping this up a little too briefly between now and the end of next week.
Sure, I might not have to, but I think I'd prefer to keep my word as precisely as possible and get back to normal comics quickly, even if that means posting four freaking comics in the short space between now and the 12th.

And for anybody who's wondering, no. Furgo has not seen anime before. This is his first time watching it.
User comments:
He looks even more sick...
Maybe they are watching CG: R2 coughcough
If by R2 you mean "second half of the show that Furgo's definitely never seen any of before" then... No. No it's not.
Uh, yeah. I did in fact mean Code Geass. They're watching R1, I guess you'd call it.
Awww no, that blood!
...Still so sweet seeing them watch Code Geass together, b-but... Still.:C
That's not blood, his face is just sore and red from the ill.