Comic 129 - Ant's Evasion Tactics
Friday, the 11th of March at 8:19 PM, 2016
Ant's Evasion Tactics
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hey guys. This week of Crack Putty has been a bit of a disappointment to me as far as efficiency and deadlines go. If you recall, Ned told everybody that there would be seven weeks of ant comics starting in January. As you can see, the statement hasn't quite held up. The current arc started up on the 13th day of January, right after a bunch of Discount Putty strips. It has now been 9 weeks since then, but of course there was that annoying hiatus that encompassed two weeks of my schedule, making this the seventh week.

That doesn't seem right. Obviously that should mean this is the week the arc was going to end, but I just haven't been pumping these out fast enough to reach a real conclusion to the story yet. When I realized that I was this behind and had to end the story at a faster pace than I anticipated, I made a plan to quickly make two comics for last week and two comics this week.

It's fucking Friday now and only one comic is out. This being a comic that's supposed to have a lot more dialogue in it. Why? Because there is still an explanation about the weta on the way that couldn't make it in yet because of time and effort costs. I spent most of this week making small advances and progress day by day for this comic, and realized that it would be best for me if I cut this one down to nine panels (instead of about 20 fucking panels of art in one comic) and put the rest of the script in the next one.

The next one. The next week. So, due to my screwing up, everybody gets 8 weeks of ant comics - at least - and no real increase in quality or amount of storytelling.

I'm not looking forward to the possibility of having just one week to make a non-ant comic before April starts. I want to finish this story arc, and quickly.
User comments:
It is alright, son. Update whenever you can.
Sometimes stuff happens. We are not ants :)

Well, I guess they are screwed for now. Not sure how they can escape unless one sacrifices himself :(
W-well, he seems reasonable... Maybe...?D:

Hey, don't worry about it, life happens. Just do your best :D