Comic 130 - Ants Staring Down
Tuesday, the 15th of March at 7:52 PM, 2016
Ants Staring Down
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Wow{!} Look at how dead the ants are{!}

I think it took me over three hours to make this fucking strip. God damn it, I really wish I had some way of making this easy.

Mortino is being his usual complicated self, this time I made a bunch of colour swatches just to the outside of the viewed area so that I could pick his shades up without copying his entire body into the keyframe and having to be too precise. I also for the first time in a while placed some more shading.

My work is rough.
User comments:
Turn of events.
Insect prisons cannot be worse than our prisons, right?
Well gee, I dunno. Is the insect world much more terrifying than the human world in every other area?
Hard to say.
Dangerous? Definitely. Hard? Depends.
"He gave us his alignment"
Hahahaha :D

Uh oh, insect prison...D:

Ey, three hours isn't so bad!
Yeah, so obviously at this point the weta can be confirmed as Lawful Neutral. That was the point of panels three and four that I strived to make.

And how about those faces in the last panel? Chitibus' blunt expression got me a few times.