Comic 131 - If the Ants are Chaotic
Friday, the 18th of March at 11:39 PM, 2016
If the Ants are Chaotic
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
We're in the real endgame of our ant adventure now, and the endgame of Crack Putty's first season. As you can see, things are actually getting pretty intense here in the ant world.

Also, would you believe that the panel with the preying mantis was inside the 666th frame of the Flash project that I made it with? It totally was. Two minorly spiny beings that can kick ass are the devil when combined.

As for the panel after that, well, I wanted Mortino to say something and at least get the name of his mantis enemy out in the open. Only I couldn't make him exclaim something that looked natural, so instead we get this "look of surprise". The name of the mantis who's pissed off with Mortino Farstriker will have to have his name revealed another day.

Also I would have made a comic earlier but my yesterday was fucking shit. You can read all about that in the life issues thread... If you dare.
User comments:
Awwww, the crying...
Ah, grand! Perfect distraction.:D
Chaotic neutral is the best neutral.
(I can't go there, for reasons, but I do hope things improve on your end!)