Comic 132 - Ants Evade a Slayer
Friday, the 25th of March at 6:28 PM, 2016
Ants Evade a Slayer
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hi guys. I'm definitely better since the last time you saw me posting a comic update, and luckily part of the upward current was me managing to stick through all of those new panels I had to draw today. AND, I'll probably conclude this entire story arc tomorrow!
Yeah I'm sick of it. And with the entire season concluding on May's fourth I'll only have one week to resume normal comics in.

The upheaval must have come directly from yesterday's visit to Relative 'n' Wife which shortly after of I visited a small show called John Cleese and Eric Idle in the flesh on stage in a giant prestigious theatre. Those two are pretty fucking funny.

Now back on topic to the whole comic thing...
I think this is the first time I mentioned ending the first season on episode four of April here. Well it's OK. Ned announced this very ant series and quickly said the thing about Crack Putty seasons in the same comic. I'll give more details at the mark, but I'll tell you one thing: Minecraft Fans is coming some time after this freaking comic slams on the brakes. Despite being completely story based, I bet Minecraft Fans at it's opening is going to be way easier to work on and maintain, and I think the schedule will be better for all of us as well. I'm not sure I won't stress about the quality and execution at first, but I'm really going to think hard between now and then about making this comfortable work for myself. This time: less deadlines. It's the deadlines for ant completion that's been screwing me up currently. But, I mean, Minecraft Fans will almost never be blasted into rush-it mode. Right? I can't think of a reason why I would need to do that, it'll just progress with the characters like real life.

Now I wonder if my future self is laughing at me.
User comments:
I think this will not end up without the ants fighting.
There needs to be one final ant heroic somewhere!
Ant heroics are likely to ensue in the future.
Aw no, they're so close! D:

Glad you're feeling better!
Actually they're completely lost, and have been for minutes.

Minutes are kind of long when you're an ant.