Comic 133 - Ants Return
Sunday, the 27th of March at 7:13 PM, 2016
Ants Return
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
That's the end! The end of Furgo and Chitibus adventures. So now we know the names of those two ants who thought it would be a good idea to send them away. The sitting ant and the ant with the long creepy face. So now we know what happens to the ants. They survive, and the people who screw them over get in trouble for accidentally breaking some stupid arthropod law as a result of unpredictable chained events. Ant Colony #41 is a peaceful place where Furgo and Chitibus annoy others no longer. Or at least until they are less scarred by the experience.

This turned out a lot different from how I expected. The comic did not turn out ambient and calm as mild goings-on were documented, and I did not wind down the story with utter ease. It sure is different from how I originally imagined it, but maybe it's better in this form.

Because I scrapped a lot of stuff to get it done on time.

Done on time...


.\ _ /.

I'm done. No more ant arc this year. That took fucking forever and I only got 16 comics out of it.
Yeah, here comes the bitchin'.
You're right if you think I should be proud, but lately this project has been eating me alive, so I'm glad I finally got it done. I said I'd complete this on Saturday, but now it's freaking Easter. I can't make a comic with the giant rabbit for that occasion anymore. This was "supposed to be done earlier" several times.

The first thing you probably thought when you stood back and thought about this comic itself was probably "that looks rushed". Well, it is. I was up last night and felt awful when I realized I could not on time get the rest of the panels done. Then I got up this morning and still felt awful. This freaking comic is 24 panels long and I still think the pacing is not as slow as I think a finale of this mood should be. I really didn't want to wait any longer for this to end, I didn't want the series to be exactly 17 comics long, and I didn't want to start the chosen week with another non-default comic.

And I'm gonna get back to non-default comics right this week! (A week from Monday to Saturday.) A positive thing is that when I was drawing panel 7, I felt freaking euphoric about drawing that human. Glowing moment right there. That really speaks to me about how nice it's gonna be to get back to drawing stuff that isn't ants and the same freaking dirt backgrounds.

I don't want to do what I've done again. No, ant comics are great. I'll give them long arcs again, too. But this time I was forced to have a limit on how long I could make them for. Fuck that. I'll just let my stories progress at whatever pace they turn out to need.
User comments:
whakea edit delete reply
love that second panel
Our oldest brother is very impressed by how I drew the weta.
Heh. Humans interfering as usual. But the guy did save them in a way.
Maybe it is the end for now but the two already accomplished more than your usual ant so maybe they will return later for more :)
This is like your Magnum Antus.
Dude, I've thought of so many ant puns to make, and usually amused myself with them. I just didn't use most of them in this series because I wanted it to make sense.

Puns like...
>Home antertainment system
>Ant-i Aircraft Ants
>Ant-i Antcraft Guns
>Ant Antics
>anything that has "ant" in it
Phew...! I'm glad it all worked out in the end for them! ;~;
Hindbodes edit delete reply
Howdy ";~;" emote! This gives me the distinct inkling that I actually created emotions with this series... Seriously if that's the case I'll be so proud or something.
Of course! Gosh dude, you made me feel feels for ants!
Hindbodes edit delete reply
Oh yeeeeaaaahhh I totally did it!

Ant arcs start again shortly after the next 30 or less comics of Crack Putty.