Comic 134 - A Classic Tale Retold
Wednesday, the 30th of March at 7:39 PM, 2016
A Classic Tale Retold
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
This idea has been in my head and on my hard drive for a while now. It has changed since then quite significantly. First, it wasn't necessarily going to contain the most famous fairy tale ever, and secondly is that The Nick of Time was going to look shocked rather than angry and unamused. The script would have looked something like:

Person A: Ah! You're here, you came just in the nick of time!
Nick: No!

He still carried a large a clock, and it still managed to be apparent that the guy was named Nick, but I realized today that his reaction just didn't make sense. Why would he shout "No" in the present about something that happened (or hopefully didn't) in the past?

This is also going to be one of the last few comics that is released before April fourth - the end of this season.

Also, if you have some moral reprehension for whatever reason, maybe what you need to look for is the writing on Nick's right sleeve.
User comments:
The nick of time, haha! Clever.:D
Is anybody worried that I'll get mindsick again and be unable to fulfill my comic duties?

There's no point in worrying. I've already won.