Comic 135 - The Suits Screwing Us
Saturday, the 2nd of April at 11:20 AM, 2016
The Suits Screwing Us
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hey gang. Thanks for reading and all, but this message comes from the past and you're seeing it at least 48 hours late.

I decided it would be safe to do this in advance, so today I made two comics and they're both scheduled to come out on their correct future dates! I decided to mess around with the specific hours minutes and seconds of it because I totally have that power right now.

This one is based of a bit of a personal note of mine. I absolutely hate that snorkles are always taken for granted as things that have full permission to help you breathe at a terrible straining cost. Why can't the breathing tube include the nose? Why not? Discussions such as these already ruined my childhood several times, and I still never got the chance to try snorkling because I will never be able to handle mouth-limited breathing. Screw that.

Aside from all that I feel like this is a return to the opinionated past of Crack Putty, back when I think this comic was at its best. Next season I really want to see if I can use that level of humour often.
User comments:

I guess you would need something like a full face mask with filters and good air regulation/flow.
Breathing with your mouth using a tube pushes the CO2 out much better and I think breathing with your nose would be problematic because of slow CO2 outtake.

But that is just me thinking about it, mind you.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey. There's a special comic coming out on Monday, and I hope both you and Seabiscuit see it. It's a pretty swell special.

Hi Madjak. That was me.
Oh gosh. Yes. Truth.
I'll probably never snorkel for similar reasons- that and a fear of really deep murky water, hahaha.
Eventually I realized that I spelt snorkel wrong... Buuuuuuut I might just keep it like this.