Comic 136 - Anniversary Ants
Monday, the 4th of April at 11:44 PM, 2016
Anniversary Ants
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Author Notes:
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Wow, what a trip. On this day in 2014, Danso and Cragot were introduced, and Crack Putty was born. Since I missed the anniversary in 2015 due to one of those pesky mental discomfort lapses, I thought this year should get something special for it. Now, and since I think I've progressed heaps anyway, the second anniversary is also the mark of a successful two year season.

So, what happens now? Well you probably should have listened to N- ANYWAY all there is to it is that I'm going to take a long break and then sit through Minecraft Fans for a while before coming back to Crack Putty for its second season. Things will be a little different then, and I think hopefully I'll be skilled enough by then that things will be easier to get through.

Crack Putty is already a huge step up from Fatal Expression, and I think Minecraft Fans is going to look better at its start than Crack Putty did at its own start. It's hard to tell. It's a little scary. But for me Minecraft Fans is rather special and I want to treat it right and not end up with slogs of bad quality tainting the ideas I came up with.

So I'll plan.

In the meantime, I'll use my graphics tablet and at least one of my programs to make random misc artwork all the time and finally figure out how to do that wire framing technique for drawing people that I hear is so important.

Minecraft Fans is going to last a long time, so it will also go on hiatus at some point while I do more Crack Putty.

We're alright, guys. Thanks for subscribing, and I hope you enjoy my next series as much as you enjoyed the first fraction of this one.
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Hey all. 2017 Edward now. Almost one year later.

If you want to see how Minecraft Fans is progressing, take a look right here. You may as well check the newest MF blog post out, because Crack Putty doesn't return until a few weeks after it starts. I will admit though, the ComicFury blog pages design, at least on Minecraft Fans and possibly a few other comics, really sucks and is no fun to navigate. Well I mean... it's... there? So I'm using it, because no other form of blogging about my comic seems appropriate. If you're frustrated that there's been no new ants, digital artworks, or social commentaries, I understand: I'm getting frustrated too.

...And unfortunately, no: I did not make those tablet drawings that I said I would. For some reason. I don't even remember typing that part of the post.
User comments:
Congrats, Ed!
Happy Antversary!

I knew it! Ants want to rule the world! They are going to collect info like NSA and use it to blackmail important people :O

Well, the ants in this universe do. Also, Cragot and Danso can skidoo into things to get a fully comprehensive look at all details.

BUT, they would never be able to meet Furgo or Chitibus. I made all ants with different art styles exist in their own alternate realities to justify how they don't look the same. I almost made a comic explaining it leading up to this finale here, buuuut...

Well I might make that comic next season.

Although I'll say one thing, similar ants live in similar locations, and almost every timeline has the predator problem.
Wow! I checked and you actually posted a note with the blog yesterday :D
Good luck, Ed!
Wow, two years? Congrats! Man, times flies.