Sunday, the 13th of August at 2:14 PM, 2017
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(Just in case there's anybody out there wondering what is going on, this comic strip's content is absolutely a form of joke.)

I've been meaning to make this for a while.

Because Crack Putty's been gone for a while, and because I hate being away from it, and because there's a few freaking funny things I've been coming up with that are of a low tier/quality, I've decided to make these filler posts, which will not be canon at all and will be inconsequential.

Don't get used to these being up here, though. If you want to keep seeing wacky pictures such as this one, I recommend saving it to your harddrive, because I'll be taking all the filler comics down from Crack Putty when normal Crack Putty comics come back. I'll probably post them again on Tumblr or something, maybe, but it won't be soon after.

In greater news, I now have more than enough money to buy a single motherboard. I overestimated the price, and massively oversaved, practically penny-pinching at points. I don't think $550 will be enough to pay for the rest of the parts, though. All good, I'll try to keep y'all posted and hopefully Lordbox will be built BEFORE September.

I think I've had plenty of ideas for further filler posts, but unfortunately I feel as though I've forgotten them.

(Holy crap I had to use external hosting to insert this image. 5 meg, really? (Fucking twats turned it into a jpeg...))
User comments:
Awwwww, man!
I love raising caterpillars... But what a sad ending.:(
(Yay, new parts!)
Yeah, there were a lot of sad endings there. Even some of the cocoons didn't make it. But lots of cattterplillars to watch! Some of them bit my hand, which was amusing.

And re-reading this comic always cracks me up, with its silly English and childish exclamations. The ants weren't even visible in those last two photos so I had to riff there as well, with silly arrows.

Now I'm just waiting for Madjak to get here...
Yes! I still think ants are cool! Your ants at least. You seem to be able to tame them into story characters with their own mythos so yes, ants are cool.

But bugs (programming as well) or insects or spiders are cool as well. So are caterpillars :D
There is something all those animals that I admire. Like their social structure :>
Yeah, bugs open up a lot of possibilities to authors, what with their Everything-Else-Is-Big situation, and their really large diversity per square kilometer. Also most people know about them.

In real life, I personally am rather bothered by ants most of the time, and usually indifferent when not near them. In comics, I find them really useful as a character asset because, as I said, bugs. Ants have the bonus over most other insects of digging these huge elaborate burrows which are great for cartoon cross-sections and the way they have a large community that works as a team. I intend to draw ants traveling in a LARGER than 2 or 3 group at some point, so I can have them take down a much larger kill... you know, how ants are supposed to.

Lately my favourite bugs are furry moths and monarch caterpillars. I'm really hooked on their cute design.
Ants also contributed to various algorithms :D