Wednesday, the 23rd of August at 4:50 PM, 2017
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
yyyyup. I'm really fucked up right now, but here is the next filler, a clean ten days after the the previous one. I didn't plan that, but I'm somewhat glad.

This comic is about that thing that happens when you do your best to explain something and iron out details with absurd depression, and then some stupid FUCK has to go ahead and treat it like it's dumb with a rebuttal that is so bad, so unthinking, that it's impossible to use human words to explain the problem it has and why it's completely wrong.

Also, to get that last piece of text I used a screenshot, but it was not from somebody else's Tumblr post - I came up with this whole comic myself.
I don't know what font they use, but I kinda wanted it to look thoughtpost-tumblry, so I used my private blog to get the text, edited it to fit, and put it as the final line of the comic's content.

Also, be careful with crushes. If they make you wait too long, your hopes will lose out.
User comments:
I honestly do not think going to tumblr while being depressed is a good thing. I tried tumblr once and got the HELL out of that culture as fast as I could. Within a month.

Stay strong Ed and let me know when there is something :>
My situation is not worsened by or related to Tumblr, but thanks. Luckily I don't engage in any of the toxic/convoluted conversations there. Whenever a new blog annoys the fuck out of me, I cease to be following it again.

"when there is something" Well for me, the only something I'm looking for is another female to fixate upon as amorously as the girl who I no longer freaking can, but I'm sure that is impossible right now.

Also, did thinking about the expressions and mannerisms of the grey guy on the right piss you off? Often when I draw straw characters I try to do that.

(*comment re-submit)
I know a guy who almost dropped out of uni (nearly finished back then) because of a similar girl problem and... Just let it go. Seriously. The best way is the most straightforward one. The good old "plenty of fish" always works.
It should not be something that makes you give up your freaking studies or whatever you personally wants to do. It is cool and let it pass.

Haha, no. He does not piss me off. He just had a really simple answer to a really long statement. He seems more confused than anything :D
Hmmm... I never thought of onion head's response that way before...

Oh my god.