Tuesday, the 12th of September at 5:29 PM, 2017
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
And so the most depressing three part ant comic ever was made. You just couldn't think it through, past Edward, could ye?

This is real, by the way. I made it almost three years ago, and thus kept forgetting that I had not, in fact, thrown the A4 page containing it out. This may have happened before, but I found it in one of my black folders recently, and this time I opted to do something with it. Perfect filler, says a lot about how Ant Message & Sequels strayed from the path...

And I mean, towards the end there when part 2 had been released and she thought the ants would win, I was basically rushing to prove Seabiscuit wrong, for some reason. Don't worry, though. I am going to revisit that Worm Colony thing in future, it's just not going to be in the Furgo and Chitibus timeline. Two ant timelines? No. Many.
User comments:
Is Farstriker going to make an appearance though? I liked him! He is the closest thing you have to a recurring antagonist!
Farstriker is too cool to have in just one short arc.

(There's another comic about pianos prior to this page.)