Monday, the 5th of March at 11:16 PM, 2018
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Edward presents: Ctrl-Ant-Delete
User comments:
And then the movie "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!" happened. I hope you have seen it ;)
It is about killer ants for real. I saw it like three times in the past as a kid, lmao.
It is not good but it has killer ants!!

What was the deal with CTRL+ALT+DEL? I never checked out those comics but many people told me I should. Same with Homestuck. I never did but I want to at some point. Since it seems you kinda should?
I once glanced at CAD and it looked like a troll thing?

I really need an explanation but I do not have the time to google it. Thanks :D

Did I miss a lot by not reading it? :O
Oh, THAT comic. Okay. I am familiar with the style and the guy. For some reason I thought it is a different comic. Okay.
I have never read it but I saw it a few times when gaming stuff was hot because of some incident.

I guess the troll comic is some other one but heck if I rememnber...