Wednesday, the 4th of April at 7:37 PM, 2018
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Hindbodes edit delete
See here.

(This description shall update soon.)
User comments:
Ant-iversary? :D :D

Pff! Are you blaming ants for this? Okay! That is fine.
But if they are coming out of the author's corpse then that means they are coming here and that means more ant stuff. Flawless logic :T
Canon is that Catatonic Series Victim is not dead, he's just monster-like and fucked up, probably not in an undead zombie sort of way. I don't think he needs an introduction, really - we all know him from the comic about Half-Life 3 and Shadow of Israphel. Also uh... I made a throwaway joke for shits and giggles by replying to a comment with just a picture of the CSV, and if I recall correctly, that mere feat is what got you posting let's plays again. :D

In hindsight, I kinda wish this panel had more ants. Like, I could probably fit four of them in there, although due to my recording session with Sunfire last night I was in a hurry.
It's quite hard to explain how good posting a frame like this feels. After the long-winded editing and slow uploading process that is Fracktape and Cobbledump let's plays, a tiny but gem-like image file getting posted is super refreshing.

Ants are, of course, coming back, but much later into the future when I've got Minecraft Fans and Lordbox. You can expect some of the best ant sagas ever to be in comic form, however there is unfortunately still a long waiting period. 'S been two years since the hiatus started, but I have no plans on extending it to forever.
Yup! I remember the pic was about YouTubers or streamers suddenly vanishing and whether they are zombies :D
It was kinda like: "Wait a minute... I also have a channel and this Hexen 2 playthrough." Can you imagine it? I finished the playthrough like three years later. The heck. Then I suddenly had the streak of a bunch of games but once again hit busy times with priorities.
I need like 5 more episodes of FF4 and then it is Crash 3. But it is coming (TM).
Weird Games are low budget quickly made videos to fill the void, haha.

Yeah. Fraggus is pretty much the mascot now :D
Tbh, that is nice to hear. People are like: "You edit, you publish. Done." Well, fine, I do not record my voice or my mug and add no effects but it is still a process that takes time and locks your PC until rendering is over. Not to mention you actually have to play the game and not all takes are worth watching... Then it is more recording and... Damn. I barely feel like playing games with all the other stuff I like or need to do, not to mention recording them D:

So take your time. I get it.
Oops, I just started rereading Filler Putty and now I've realized that the Waiting for Updates comic is open to reinterpretation. The idea was that the "zombie" was the reader and was fucked up and green from waiting forever. He's a fan of Goats, Half-Life, and Shadow of Israphel so those things are in his room.