Wednesday, the 12th of June at 7:07 PM, 2019
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Hindbodes edit delete
Here we go, now we're talking!

Just one or two new pages of this and then I can make that announcement I've been saving, and finally do something about the "abuse" that Cobbledump's work ethic has taken on HB Comic & Co's existence as well.

This is the big epic thing that I wanted to post earlier. The one that was supposed to get posted on April 4th. You know, when Crack Putty's 5th freaking anniversary was happening. There are a few things more things I have to say, comic, but I think I want to save them for the next page's upload and/or question time.
Hindbodes edit delete
Suddenly I'm looking at the pencil way of drawing artwork, and starting to see a lot of appeal. Perhaps this will be how I draw the Heartbreak Hotel comic...

I'm still not sure if I'll make it, but I hope I do. It'd be a great depressed-day companion, for me the artist and for a reader who's like me. I'm pretty sure I know how to pull off unconfusing black-and-white once I put my mind to it, too.