Friday, the 14th of June at 3:18 PM, 2019
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Author Notes:
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This is it, folks. This is how all ant adventures began. A couple of sentient ants trying to save and enhance the second phase of The Universe's "big bounce" cycle, and then... dying in a shocking manner, as is the traditional form I guess.
Lots of work that could have been spent on making the artwork look slightly better for these two pages was... cut. I don't know why, but it was painful and difficult enough to produce these handfuls of drawings as is. I'm starting to think that making my own art for a comic sucks when I'm doing it outside of using Flash...

So, Flash it is. And this will be the last Temporary Comic Filler for quite some time, as I have an announcement to make. This page is, obviously, going to be deleted at some point, but this message will be on the Minecraft Fans blog as well, which is more permanent.

You probably didn't expect this at all, but I have a rather strange announcement to make about my present and future comics. You know how I had that logic where that flowchart of things that had to be done went Crack Putty ending > saving up for a new PC to build > making PC and putting better illustration software on it > Starting on Minecraft Fans because Lives of Mining was to be taken up more carefully by a better artist than my present-day self ?
Well, it looks like I planned it out all wrong, and defied my own reason. Minecraft Fans is no longer what I dump lesser artwork on so that the next Minecraft comic will be better. Lives of Mining is more likely to fill that role now. I spent so long working on Minecraft Fans' story and its characters, world, and nuances, that it totally became the superior and more-precious series of the two.

Put simply, Minecraft Fans is no longer next up. Lives of Mining is because it's not actually as good.
I don't know how, but somehow I went over and over details trying to make sure that Minecraft Fans was perfect shiz, and didn't let it occur to me that it might not be the comic that shouldn't have the technology of my future applied to it. Lives of Mining is way less fragile and can take hits from my clumsy 2015-2019 hands of art, and somehow it didn't occur to me just how much more I like MF than I like LoM.

You know what else that means, knowing that LoM artwork just isn't as important as the pedestal I put it on...? Oh dear, I think you know.

Buying new software for a new machine is not important for Comic Series #3 anymore. I could start Lives of Mining next week if I wanted to.
I don't even know if Adobe Animate is better than Flash 8 anyway, I probably misplaced my eggs there too.

So, here's the link to Lives of Mining. I'm going to start drawing full comics in Flash again very soon, even though Lordbox is MIA, and they will be about Minecraft. This comes at the expense of Cobbledump, but... fuck Cobbledump, Cobbledump came at comics' expense too. Revenge.

Subscribe to both, and you'll see new stuff when you see new stuff. Cobbledump will slow down for sure, but it won't stop or cancel in any way. More details will be there in a proper Cobbledump announcement too. For now... look forward to one of the most creative and hard-logic-systemmed comics there has been about Minecraft so far. Lives of Mining doesn't just let itself get away with things that Minecraft player avatars are incapable of doing for no pretold reason. The nature of LoM's universe is very much regulated and explained by lore.

It's not as hard to do that as it will be to keep Minecraft Fans' AU timeline in check.
User comments:
Are Chitibus and uh... Fergus their current iterations? Fergus was it? At the beginning there were ants. Okay. I can go with that :D

Hm. Between getting to this, coding and Cobbledump I think CD makes the most sense. You pretty much accomplished what was needed there for now? Other than getting all items in Alpha but that can be done at any moment.
Your coding projects show a lot of improvement in a short time and I would not sacrifice that momentum while you are learning so rapidly but that is obviously up to you :>
Basically I've learned that I can do almost everything I do, but I can't have a fully-updating webcomic and a fully-updating let's play channel running at the same time. If I want both mediums to be a thing I work on, just one of those two has to slow down. That's why I'm slowing down Cobbledump to benefit webcomics for the medium-term future. I prefer the fulfillment of making comics over the fulfillment of making gameplay videos SO much more.
Hey woah what? I'm not stopping any of my code. Code can happen any day. I don't know where it looks like I said that...

That's an interesting theory, but Furgo and Chitibus aren't really important enough to be reincarnations of these two, and I'm pretty sure Aeos and Aedon can't reincarnate... but there's a narrative link between the powers of all special ants. Aeos and Aedon were special because they were mysteriously alive and sentient with an important goal set for them at the beginning of the second time a universe was sprouting from nothing. The "second pre-big-bang" if you will. It's not really been explained yet, but Furgo has already shown signs of a special skill that will become apparent later in the Ant Sagas. I'm not sure the two facts are related.
I also will be hosting a no-gaps compiled webcomic site called The Ant Sagas, which will have old and new comics about all these folk even at some times of Crack Putty not updating.
Ah! Thanks for clarification then! I thought you were deciding between two out of three options and I figured coding games and comics should be a good choice to change it up a bit.

Okay! I just tried to link the ants together, haha. They are the only two ants who had multiple arcs so I figured they are important :>
I wonder if I'll ever be successful in making that gigantic white thing into an actually threatening piece of "paper".
Woah. The adventures of ants sure... Went to crazy places. Cool, crazy places.:)
Don't forget part 1! It provides a bit more context as to where these two are.