Wednesday, the 29th of January at 10:38 AM, 2020
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Yesterday I had a few thoughts that made me want to go back to some of my comic pages and friend pages to say something relevant, and pretty soon I got myself hoping for the contented feeling of having a comic page release achieved. So I started flailing to get a Filler Putty idea and struggled a bit, knowing that I wasn't really all-that-inspired at the time. Eventually, I came upon a good idea: this. It's a mashup in scenic no-reality landscapes of creative projects I want to get finished and seen but haven't been able to, regardless of whether I've started them or not. Some other stuff, too. Looking through this image you can find all sorts of symbols to Hindbodes inventions that are to eventually become either new content, or respectful rejects. Hopefully the first of those two. I also brought back alt-text for this one.

Drawing of this comic started and was done in majority yesterday, but it was only in this hour of 10-11 in the morning today that I was able to finish it.
User comments:
What the heck is that apple sentry bot? LMAO
Is that from a dream or is one going to be a in a game? Looks pretty cool :D
The apple is from a painting that I want to stop being unfinished. It's called Intercepted and features this weaponized apple shooting a bird. And other stuff.