Monday, the 3rd of February at 3:34 PM, 2020
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Hindbodes edit delete
Good ol' nonsensensical logic comedy. This is a page that has been trying to form in my head for a few days.

Please press the "previous" button if you have not visited Crack Putty in a while. This is the second in a string of updates that started after a huge gap between updates.
User comments:
The second one is like: "Ante up!"
.....okay, I have nothing, lmao.

In case you have not seen this:
Human empires had nothing on what these creatures can do. Maybe for the best actually.
Even if their warfare is said to be actually similar.
Forsaken Attachment
Well, that is surprising. And weird.
Okay, I will download it or record it from YT and send it to you in some form if you are interested :D
I cannot find it anywhere else but I watched it half a year ago or so and it is pretty cool stuff about ants!
I am pretty interested if it's a to-the-point video about the behaviour of ants in real life. There are one or two things I need to know about ants to do this comic right, like the fact that working ants are female - good thing I've already thought of a justification for Furgo and Chitibus and so many others being male to explain in a future page.