Tuesday, the 30th of June at 4:00 PM, 2020
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This is a joke about an attempted Paras-tier standoff creature centered around the pincers of the animal, which was greatly workshopped leading up to this point. The different comic of a pince bug, one that I envisioned in the first place that has various different pince + x-text + y-pose is hopefully going to sequelize this, but I realized today that drawing the pince bug to comedic effect is much harder than I thought. I think this comic page is fairly funny, but it was supposed to exude a lot more using the backup of crazy character design. If you want a point of reference for what I was going for with his face, take a look at this Pokemon Go classic.

With this, we're now at the 21st Filler Putty strip, not counting the Temporary Update Post. That's a pretty substantial filler, but not that much considering how long it's been. I've been forcibly removed from working heaps on internet videos, so all that's distracting me from comics is working on creating videogames. But when I think about it, I don't think games are slowing me down from looking at Lives of Mining. I think apprehension and anxiety are doing that, and in general I have that with a lot of things until I naturally wake up one day and feel like taking it on. This happens with Bridge of Fate after I've not had momentum for a while too, where it can take 6 days for me to feel up to the task of adding new code. Lives of Mining has been slower, but writing that thing has been harder than coding so far...

EDIT: I had to fix the framing rectangle at the bottom just now, the start of June. The black rectangle was hovering a bit and showing a narrow strip of white, but I don't think anybody else at all saw it.
User comments:
Everybody knows Paras/Parasect sucks. Back in Gen 1 when Poison was effective against Bug, it had freaking three double weaknesses. I think both were the only Pokémon?

tbh, Parasect is a good example of my problem with Grass types. I have not played past Gen 3 so I am less familiar with the later gens but design wise, Grass types look like this:
- tons of status effect moves
- various absorbs which are cool but ultimately lower level damaging move
That is what is holding many of them down. Sure, a couple of them have better second typing or actual moves like Razor Leaf or Vine Whip but those are still mid level damaging moves... Grass types lack the oomph but perhaps it is better now. I do not know.
And by extension my problem with Bug. Type that has always sucked, lmao.
Oh my god, ComicFury didn't notify me about this. I wonder what else they're hiding.