Comic 4 - Rayman Confusion
Saturday, the 19th of April at 11:01 PM, 2014
Rayman Confusion
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
2 comics in one week! Now I'm finally putting them out at least as efficiently as I did in Fatal Expression months ago!
This one is my first openly discussed other creator's fictional work in a professional webcomic, Fatal Expression wouldn't have this kind of thing because it was designed to be all original stuff.
Crack Putty will contain parodies and references.
User comments:
I look up in Google and saw there was a red Globox. (And also a purple one)
I didn't know Globox used to be red.
Welcome, newcomer!

This game series fucking rocks. I've spent 5% of the last 5 days thinking about my future Rayman 2 homage.