Comic 50 - Late Night Viewing
Tuesday, the 18th of November at 2:04 PM, 2014
Late Night Viewing
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Do you ever feel like your eyes are more tired than your brain?

I'm back! Crack Putty is updating again after a whole month of not posting anything. The temporary notice has been removed and I'm going to try to post as reasonably frequently as I can without putting too much pressure on myself.

Recently, after I posted the notice on the 13th of October, I was starting to see for the first time ever that people were getting restless and anxious for an update - on one of my comics!

So yeah, I'm breaking the no-comics streak and bringing Crack Putty production back. I wouldn't want to be one of the webcomic artists with a Goats-caliber hiatus.
User comments:
Hah! Love those status windows. Oh, boy, this happens to me way too often. Glad you're back!:D