Comic 51 - Ant Message
Friday, the 28th of November at 1:35 PM, 2014
Ant Message
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
It's getting a bit late in the year, isn't it? I wonder what I'm going to do for Christmas. Anyway, this is another ant comic, but this time it's going to be part of a short story arc.

I've got some good news. I finally have a graphics tablet to draw comics with! This is the first comic I've ever drawn with a graphics tablet. I used my new Wacom device to draw the grass and the ants, but I had to use a mouse for the more technical figety stuff and the colouring. The graphics tablet is a bit difficult to use at first, because I'm just starting out, but I think it's just going to get better as I get used to it.
Hindbodes edit delete
So, I've just realized something. My post date for the comic was November 28, 2014 - the exact same release date as an Adventure Time episode called Dentist.
Both my comic and that episode are about worms and ants at war, but they play out very differently.
I do wonder if watching that episode inspired me to create this story arc somehow, but I could have sworn that I discussed this comic idea with my dad prior to even writing it down.

Strange world we live in.
User comments:
Aw yeah! Ants are awesome. There should be more ant comics in general.
whakea edit delete reply
yeah ant comics are my fave