Comic 56 - New Year's Grieving
Wednesday, the 31st of December at 6:08 PM, 2014
New Year's Grieving
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Here you go everybody, last comic of the year.
I'm not entirely happy with the guy I've drawn. In the first three panels he looks like an average dude, then in the next one he's all "look at my ugly nose, grrrrr!" I need to figure out some way of preventing that.
User comments:
Hahah! I remember it being such a struggle to stay up until midnight.

Now I'm up that late every night and it's not even special anymore.:(

(Personally, I ~love~ the way those top three panels work out, especially his expression in the third one!)
Hindbodes edit delete reply
You know, I'm actually happy with panels 1-3 as well. I just need to be more careful with the nose next time I redraw the dude who works out well as a profile.