Comic 57 - The Imprisonment
Saturday, the 3rd of January at 7:02 PM, 2015
The Imprisonment
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hey guys. I just replaced the original version of this comic now, and I'm about to explain why. I wanted to get this done as soon as possible, I guess. I ended up getting it done right before the finale of this comic's first season, after which I don't want to do any work on Crack Putty art and story at all until the next season starts up (pretty far into the future).

Look at the ratings on this strip. Does it look bad? To me it does, because somehow this is the only comic in Crack Putty that I've ever noticed a score of four point something or less on. Do I sound five greedy? I'm not. I just believe that I did something terribly wrong with the original joke of this comic and that said joke is the reason this got a considerably lower rating than everything else.

At the start of 2015, I made the comic and put it at part 57 of the series. It looked rather different to how it is now, but it is still very much about prison. I actually tried to have a rather poignant message about racial profiling and how it often gets innocent people put in jail and prison, but somehow I fucked up and got what was possibly offended people tearing the rating down.

I don't know what was wrong with the old comic, but I plan on getting to the bottom of this eventually.

Edit: OK, I've just been browsing the entire archive of this comic for a bit, and it seems that there are now quite a few comics that have been rated less than five. Although, I am very sure that this didn't happen until the very 57th comic we're talking about was posted. Source: I used to look at my ratings - often.
User comments:
Finally caught up! Some of these are great :D

It's nice to see somebody else doing a gag comic on a site full of story comics.

p.s. I subscribed :)
I felt a twinge of guilt reading that, because at some point I actually planned on doing story comics as well. I suppose if it comes down to the most critical of that, I can have two strips running at the same time.
whakea edit delete reply
I think it's good that you've got stories from time to time like with the ants, then just gag comics. Keep going.
Aww, what a downer! Love those tears.;D
Hi Seabiscuit. I just remade this.