Comic 61 - The Lorax Manuscript
Thursday, the 29th of January at 6:41 PM, 2015
The Lorax Manuscript
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
I was going for easy-comic-to-make with this one, but I ran into quite a few challenges. First, I didn't ancipate The Lorax himself being very difficult to draw, but I kept having to go back and edit his features.

Then there was the writing. I struggled to find a punchline in my head that was funny and didn't attack The Lorax and what he stood for. In the end, I just thought, "adding a brutal, obvious and almost absolutely honest message is the way to go". I hope that worked.
User comments:
Hindbodes edit delete reply
If you like Discount Putty, you're being done right if somebody sends you to this: the strip that foreshadowed the whole thing.