Comic 64 - DP-001
Monday, the 16th of February at 7:57 PM, 2015
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Yes, this is Discount Putty.
Hindbodes edit delete
I had to edit this comic. At first I had New Zealand flipped and facing the wrong way.

Anyway, some of the things in this comic are true. Carpet bombing really was invented by a New Zealander. I've heard that trench warfare came from Maori people, the indigenous folk of - also - New Zealand. There are some things completely untrue, however. America doesn't actually look like that.
User comments:
I recognized it as New Zealand by the second panel just by it's silhouette. Now I feel proud of myself ^_^
Well, you should be! :D Do you have any idea how many people have no idea what New Zealand is shaped like or where it is geographically? I'm impressed that you even know New Zealand is real.