Comic 65 - DP-002
Wednesday, the 25th of February at 10:31 PM, 2015
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Author Notes:
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So here we have the second comic strip of Discount Putty. This idea itself is going to be something of a series within the Discount Putty line. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a comic with a Windows computer and a Mac not making fun of the other, but sitting still somewhere and having a perfectly rational conversation. I also want to make another one because with the way that punchline went, I'm not keen on this being the last and only "Windows + Mac" comic I make.

Anyway, Discount Putty is about to get much more interesting. As somebody incredibly sharp may have somehow noticed, almost every other comic from Crack Putty is drawn in Flash. But Flash has its share of downsides, and I have a different program called Paint Tool SAI now, which I'll practice on with my tablet each time I add something new to this. To be honest, if I didn't have to use Flash and if I had some other program that I understood perfectly fine and could produce good artwork with easily enough, I would. Unfortunately, Flash is all I know - even if it would be wise to migrate my work over to another program.

I'm doing Discount Putty at the moment because I think I need a bit of a break. Having to create a highest-tier comic in Flash every week puts a lot of pressure on me, and I'd rather not have to be doing that for the next 5 or so strips. I'd also rather not leave my readers with nothing to look at in the meantime, so here it is: Discount Putty.
User comments:
Heheh, 'discount' putty. Paint Tool SAI huh? Sai is amazing.:D
Love the sprites here!