Comic 67 - Gravestone of Schedule
Sunday, the 8th of March at 12:15 AM, 2015
Gravestone of Schedule
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Alright everybody. Some of you may have seen the large "SCHEDULE PANIC" image that was here before, but it wasn't meant to be here to stay. So I've replaced it with this monument of defeat. As I said earlier, real comics resume pretty soon.
User comments:
Hahaha! Yeah that's the look on my face when I cut it a bit too close.

Might be a re-use, but hey, it works.;D
You know, this is only temporary. I'll replace this in under an hour.
Alright, the original "Schedule Panic" image is gone now. I replaced it with the new gravestone above.

Oh my god

Yes this is even better holy shit hahah
Wait what? You actually found this funny? I'm pleasantly surprised and amazed, I thought this entire plan was a complete dud! X)