Comic 78 - Dogman Cooking
Friday, the 26th of June at 11:42 PM, 2015
Dogman Cooking
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Man, I'm pretty late this week. Only got one comic and it's coming out at the extreme of a Friday.

What you're seeing here stems from a deceased series idea I had about 2 years ago about large sentient robed dogs shaped like men, although they weren't necessarily going to look like this. This was the first joke I came up with back when I was still considering the series to be a possibility. I also think part of the main point of that whole idea was that they were going to be ancient beings who arose in our age out of a cave somewhere for some reason.
Now, I gotta say, that comic series idea about the sentient Dogmen was far from being a developed thought. That joke is actually the only joke I ever came up with for them, and I have no idea who they are, what they wanted, or how they would even drive the plot. So that idea will probably be dead forever.

Convincing shit is kinda hard to draw...
User comments:
You are literally scraping the bottom of the bowl here.
Scraping the bottom of the shit pot.
This deranged madness needs more popularity.
*drops mic*
Hahahah oh my gosh gross!