Comic 79 - There's a Caterpillar That Actually Does That
Tuesday, the 30th of June at 9:34 PM, 2015
There's a Caterpillar That Actually Does That
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Author Notes:
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(-Late Author Note-)

I had more than one reasonably quick to make comic idea this week that I'd upload first as a fallback plan in case my more difficult long term strip fails to make it before the end of the week, and this was one of them. But somehow even though I thought I had the punchline all well and sorted, halfway through I forgot how I was supposed to deliver the funny part of the joke. It was pretty terrible. I hit the wall of writing process and every minute I spent trying to figure it out had me feeling more hopeless and despairing.

Another purpose for this comic - aside from the obvious everpresent need for MORE ANTS - was to involve a caterpillar in my line of art without attempting to recreate the stylized art style of a certain Stephen Cosgrove book (illustrated by Robin James).

The really weird crack in the third panel seems to be my prior attempt to salvage what I could of the comic that fell apart.

Also there's this:
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Edit: Third panel was fixed in a "timely" fashion. (._. )
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