Comic 89 - Extremely Not Very Good
Thursday, the 27th of August at 7:33 PM, 2015
Extremely Not Very Good
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Me, as a person, is quite infamously averse to the "doesn't like" phrase, and similar understatements in general. I think I've finally found the perfect way of representing it!

So, any super focused readers probably knew already that earlier on I had a 'group' of three video game comics 'in a row', and I suddenly realized while finishing this strip that I was kinda supposed to post it later - this has a reference to what is technically also a video game it it. The logic I was going by is that if I wanted to properly define the trio, I'd have to cut it off with enough non-videogame comics (two at absolute minimum) or it would extend into a frio or more.
So I decided that I would save this particular strip idea until there were more barriers between them, but now I figure that three complete strips and two weeks of real world time is enough.

I've actually had this idea for a while now. It's part of my recent suite of New Wave Comic Ideas which I have planned for creation. One of them is about buses which are in a lot of peril, another is about -FUCKFUCKFUCKIFORGOT- and the last is a story about the relationship between being high and a rather trippy pet dog.

Feeling pretty bad today... Uploading this comic should...Help, I guess?
User comments:
I actually do not like eggs as well.
Ba dum tss!

Are you on IHNMAIMS drugs lately? This is the second time!
Hindbodes edit delete reply
My right hemisphere probably is.
Well, eggs are pretty gross, heh.:D
Yes, is true. I don't eat.