Comic 90 - Graffiti Wall
Monday, the 31st of August at 5:24 PM, 2015
Graffiti Wall
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Hey ho! Quick comic on Monday!
Let me tell you something, even despite the 'not proper' status of this arrangement of panels which will cause me to make another comic in the same week, I'm quite glad. This is quite empirically the earliest in the week I could get a comic done.

So, this is a pair of rather obscure references. One most likely way more obscure than the other.

About 24 hours after the upload date of this comic, I will announce that the references are Misery and Misery!

To elaborate, I made this comic by correlating two different things with the same name. Both happen to, unfortunately, be rather obscure. But you'd get this comic in the first place if you knew who they were.

That purple girl is Misery from a show named Ruby Gloom. Isn't she great? The show is far from amazing, but for me, Misery is enough of a reason to watch it.

The second is... You're probably unaware of what this is FOREVER until no sooner than I tell you. New Zealand has a graffiti artist called Misery who makes large bright looking wall arts like this.

So yeah. Now you know. Now everybody knows! God damn it I think I'm the only person in the world who got this joke before I came along and explained it.

I really must say that I'm envious of Crack Putty and Fatal Expression readers sometimes. I don't get to read comics made by Edward and be surprised by what they contain. That's something I'll never be able to experience. It's a shame too, because let's be honest, my stuff is unique, weird, and balls off the walls. Those are descriptions that aren't even me building myself up. Those aren't unambiguously good things, just things that would make me like what I'm reading if this was all new to me.

I hope to make another comic tomorrow, if not merely this week.

I hope you enjoy this... Thing in the meantime.
User comments:
Ohh, that alt text. I geddit.D:

The purple girl is so cute!
That's good, she's defo-defo meant to be. Her name is Misery and she's from Ruby Gloom. She's the best thing in the show.

I don't feel like I did her justice though. Hopefully there will be a next time, I guess. Can't really think of another scenario to make use of her.