Comic 92 - The Fate Decider
Wednesday, the 9th of September at 7:18 PM, 2015
The Fate Decider
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
I've had this comic idea for quite a long time now. I don't know exactly how long. I'm glad to have this under my belt at last.

I suppose I've realized that this isn't really a "funny" comic, but rather an intense thought provoking one. I could be wrong about that, but to me, this is clearly all about thought appeal.

Now, about that choice he makes...
1984 sucks. No, not the book. It's the situation in the book, and what you'd suffer through if you live in that reality that sucks. Even if Matrix was nearly as bad, I'd still rather live there. You know why? I'd get to be oppressed by robots, not something established by sociopathic asshole humans.
User comments:
Hahahaha! I gotta say, I'd pick Matrix too...
NSA is trying to develop a security algorithm that would withstand even quantum computers.
Really? I thought NSA was trying to make a quantum computer that no security could withstand.
I think it ALWAYS works that way, actually.
Developing both ends and then juggling it around depending on what is more needed.
You develop a strong security cipher but then you yourself get paranoid so you start developing optimal cracking methods.
I really don't understand.
Because I cannot explain.
It is like you develop a security algorithm but then you start getting paranoid at your own product because someone might use it against you so you start developing optimal methods to crack your own security in case someone borrows it.
That makes more sense now. So then you develop counter measures against the OMTCYOS?
"optimal methods to crack your own security"

Because I didn't want to type that all out.
That would be going in circles which in my opinion is something modern cryptography is doing.

Person A develops a cipher for his group.
After a while he gets paranoid that the group can also use it against him so he cracks his own cipher.
But then the group gets worried the person can crack their stuff at will so they start developing a counter measure --> new cipher.

I think something like that happened in Soviet Russia with their multiple security algorithm revisions.
Granted, part of it WAS the US desperately breathing down their necks.

You know, I bet that thing that happened in Russia was an anticollaborative clusterfuck.