Comic 94 - Catfish Cartoonist
Thursday, the 24th of September at 5:41 PM, 2015
Catfish Cartoonist
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Many puns. Many many puns. At least one stealth pun!
User comments:
Whatever you meant, this is a really sweet thing.
No matter how good or bad you are, the beautiful thing is that when you upload your stuff somewhere, there is always at least this one special person who will find it and actually like it. Same with CF.
If feels great. Even if they just bump into it and leave a comment.

Keep up the good work, Ed :)

OK, I think the red word is Fever?
The green seems like Politics but... It is missing "i" after "l" though it might be something different or I just cannot see it properly.
You just cannot see it properly. I'm certain I put all eight letters in there. Oh fuck.

And yeah, considering what the words are, colour one is scarlet, and colour two is just green.

But you missed the most important joke. Sometimes these are brown.
Apologies, Ed. I do not get your most important joke :(
Awww. :(
# Paging @Seabiscuit #