Comic 95 - Waiting For Updates
Friday, the 2nd of October at 5:46 PM, 2015
Waiting For Updates
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
So, what do you think? This must be the most relatable horror image ever.
User comments:
Haha! I didn't know who he was, had to look him up. But I can understand. Waiting is painful.:D
I got terribly, terribly reminded of my YT channel and one game playthrough with no update over a year now.
I would like to say: "Do not push me, Ed" but the objective truth on your side is valid.
I might post that pic on my channel and let the people decide for themselves now that you cropped it so nicely.
Ironically, shortly after that, I got a guy really interested in my channel and commenting on one playthrough.
Sigh. Time to finally do something about it. Otherwise, I am a TERRIBLE host.
Thanks for the motivation!
You know I had a YouTube channel as well? I had a ridiculous breakdown and deleted all my gameplay footage. Soon enough, I posted my own departure video to give my viewers some explanation.

Now I have more viewers than I did back when I actually wanted people to watch!
I understand you :(

Coincidentally, I had a breakdown... well... two days ago and announced on my comic that it is over and I am deleting it. Then got over it.
What a vortex of negative feelings because of personal life can do to your unrelated stuff.


You have this comic now. Keep working!
I enjoy your humor and observations!