Comic 97 - Jaws Movie Poster
Saturday, the 17th of October at 9:37 PM, 2015
Jaws Movie Poster
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Author Notes:
Hindbodes edit delete
Marty McFly has to arrive some time!

Now, for anybody who didn't know, Jaws: The Great Battle is not going to look exactly like this. It's not being animated in Flash, and it's not even a creation of any program that people usually use to create animations. I'm making it in Powerpoint! It's been a real mission so far and with the deadline coming in less than 3 days, I don't think it's about to get easier.

The shark does look very much like what I've drawn here, though. It's slightly difficult to draw a difference.

Jaws: The Great Battle is part of ctrayn's JAWS19 challenge which comes from Tumblr. In his post, he quickly explains how Marty McFly arrives THIS YEAR in America to find himself in front of a movie theatre showing the nineteenth Jaws movie. Obviously, there aren't 19 of them in real life, so ctrayn tells us that we should go ahead and make that happen.

But who's actually making the movies? I really need to know how many!
User comments:
MadJak91 edit delete reply
Of course, you get the happy shining sun.
Who is playing Jaws? I am hoping for you in the costume or something...
Hindbodes edit delete reply
I'm making it in Powerpoint. The shark is cartoon.
Hahahah, I love all these Back to the Future jokes this year, they don't disappoint :D
The look on the sharks face!!